Tea Time! Our name alone suffices

We are Qatar's top chain of cafes.

It's more than lovely to talk with someone special over tea in a serene setting.Tea Time offers such an ambience in addition to limitless tastes of delectable food and energising refreshments.

Tea Time made its official debut in 2002 and is currently available throughout Qatar and the rest of the Middle East. With you in mind, our amazing team and exceptional chefs work tirelessly. As you do for our food, we take good care of you. We currently hold a global reputation for providing the finest cuisine, beverages, and tea.

You are what matters to us

Tea Time never includes any potentially harmful ingredients in its products

We offer you special treats from Tea Time, including food and beverages. We exclusively utilise carefully chosen natural ingredients in all of our offerings, which are prepared especially for you by our professional chefs under hygienic conditions. Our quality is consistent from the farm to the cups in front of you. Every dish and drink we serve is blended with a little bit of love to suit your current mood. All of these things combine to make us the top café group in the state of Qatar.

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